College Admissions Essay: Where Are You From?

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The question, “Where are you from?” is a difficult one for me to answer wholeheartedly. Anyone who was forced to move when they were younger understands the dilemma of being asked about your hometown. The word hometown can have a variety of meanings to people. Merriam-Webster defines a hometown as, “the city or town where you were born or grew up,” but to me a hometown is the place where you have the greatest memories. For this reason, I am unable to claim just one place as my hometown. The two places that immediately come to mind when I think of my hometown are Davenport, Washington and Rathdrum, Idaho. When I was born my father, mother, and I lived in Post Falls, Idaho, but before I was old enough to make memories while living here, my parents divorced and I moved to an apartment in Spokane with my mother. Shortly after my parents’ divorce my mother was diagnosed with cancer. To eradicate the cancer, my mother had to have surgery and go through months of chemotherapy and radiation therapy. The medical bills were outrageous which motivated my mother and me to move in with my grandparents in Davenport, Washington.
Like any child with divorced
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While Idaho is known for its “famous potatoes,” there is so much more to this state. A.B. Gurthie perfectly describes the area is his essay “Idaho” when he says, “Here is a land wrought by fire and ice, by the slow force of glacier and the eruptive energy of volcano, a land of rivers and deserts, of forests and barrens, of mountains and flats, of sterility and fruitfulness, of cold zone temperature, of growing settlement and eternal wilderness.” Personally, I do not think Idaho could be summed up better. Anyone who lives in Idaho knows that we have the best of both worlds here. While it may be taken for granted occasionally, Idahoans are lucky enough to experience all four seasons every year. Overall, Idaho is a beautiful place to
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