College Admissions Essay: Where Will I See Myself?

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When I zone out and imagine things, I imagine what it is like to be someone else. I close my eyes and go to another place, where my imagination takes me. To elaborate on that, I have never wanted to just be me, I always dreamed of imagine myself as anyone else but myself. I saw myself as either a wealth person, someone who has a lot of power, etc. I imagine my future and what it holds; who is the lucky man that gets to marry me? How many children will I have? In college, I am still wondering where my life will take me. Since I cannot see into the future, I can only imagine what everything will be like. I am disappointed in my life right now, that I have not accomplished much.
When I close my eyes, I usually want to be another person. Unfortunately, I always want to be something I could never be. I always dreamed of being a singer, dancer, or actress, but knew I did not have any of those born talents. When I watch performances on YouTube, I would close my eyes and transform myself into that performer, and act like I am that singer. Watching the dance show, “Bring It”, on Lifetime, I try to copy their moves, because at one point I aspired, dreamed, and imagined to be a dancer. In the eighth grade, I attended a dance after school program that taught children to learn how to dance, but I wasn’t so
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Some started their future at a young age and some start later. The problem I always had is that I’m very indecisive and figure out what happens with my own life. I imagine my future as a business woman working for a big company, taking the lead on everything. Coming home to a loving, supporting family with a husband with children is what I dream of. Turning the tables around a little bit, I also aspire to travel the world with no strings attached. The fact that I cannot have any of this right now disappoints me, and I can only imagine myself doing these goals, but doing nothing about
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