College Admissions Essay: Who I Am A Tomboy

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Who I Am

I’m a tomboy, but people still can’t get over it. Some people don’t understand why I’m not like other girls, who spend their time with makeup and Instagram. I’m not into that. I would much rather play video games than take selfies on Snapchat or Instagram. It’s just who I am. Tilly’s and Forever 21 aren’t my kind of stores, but I love Hot Topic, Target, and Vans. Hot Topic has amazing t-shirts and gadgets of my favorite movies, bands, and TV shows. Target isn’t too girly if you know where to look, and it has a great supply of Star Wars merchandise. The Vans store is my favorite shoe store because Vans are good skateboarding shoes and I like the look of them. I don’t like wearing any pink. I mostly wear black and blue, because they
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Even though my parents don’t allow me to play “M” rated games, I still love PC, PS3, and phone games. Since middle school has started, I haven’t been able to play Minecraft as much as I would like to, it is still a huge part of me. I have been playing Clash Royale since the first week of March, one week after it came out. I am very close to legendary arena. On the PS3, my favorite games are Mirror's Edge, Falling Skies, and Guitar Hero III Legend of Rock. I also love watching movies and TV shows, especially the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Full House, Parent Trap, Suicide Squad, Pitch Perfect, and the Fast and the…show more content…
I am probably one of the largest Eminem fans in Serrano Intermediate School. I starting liking his music in fifth grade, and my love for rap has grown. I don’t like today’s hip hop, and instead I like the old school rap. I am a big fan of Eminem, Dr. Dre, NWA, D12, Snoop Dogg, and many more. I’m okay with 2000’s rap, but when I hear today’s songs, they’re just weird. Drake’s older albums are okay, but The View just doesn’t represent rap, in my opinion. Also, I can sing the lyrics to almost any popular song that you hear on the radio. Sure, that skill might sound great, but sometimes I hate it. I dislike Adele, Justin Timberlake, Sia, Shawn Mendes, and others, and I know the lyrics to all of their songs, even if I wished I didn’t. I also know a lot of 80s music, because I am growing up in a household that hears a lot of 80s
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