College Admissions Essay: Why Am I Volunteer At Boston University

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I have always prided myself in being involved in my community. Outside of school, I spend most of my free time volunteering at my church, First United Methodist Church of Waynesville. On Sunday nights I get the opportunity to share my love of music with my peers, leading them in worship as one of the lead singers of the Youth Praise band. On Wednesdays I volunteer teaching elementary school children music as well. I do several other odd jobs around the church as well, whenever I am needed. Besides music, one of my hobbies is hiking. Wilderness Trail is a backpacking ministry for youth based in south west Virginia. The past 3 years I have spent my summer volunteering for a month with the organization, both leading groups as well as helping organize future events. By getting the chance to combine my love to help with my love for the outdoors, it makes for the perfect marriage.…show more content…
A school that met every single one of my expectations. The only probably was the price tag. Since I was a child, I have been aware of financial issues. My father spent years working his was up the ladder in his job for the state agriculture program, when I was in second grade my mother went back to school to obtain her nursing degree. I was accustomed to them working multiple jobs at once to support my sister and I, which they always managed to do. Knowing all of this seeing the price of attending Boston University truly affected me. I know how much my parents have done for me and to have to ask them for such a huge sum of money seemed unfair. This scholarship would allow me to get closer to making my dream a reality. I hope to attend Boston University and get a degree in communications, a speciality of the school, get my masters degree with a focus on public relations, and then begin working in the field as a public relations

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