College Admissions Essay: Why I AM Who I Am

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Why I Am Who I Am
It all started during my freshman year of high school, the most regretful year of my life. As a young fourteen-year-old girl, I always had a hard time following the rules, I had no idea the kind of year I would have ahead of me. Getting good grades was never my top priority when it came to high school. It was having fun. At that time of my life, having fun meant skipping class, making friends who influenced me in a bad way, and sneaking out at unbelievable hours. What I snuck out to do was forbidden in my religion, I honestly don’t know what I was thinking or why I ever thought it was okay. The first time I was at my friend’s house at a pretty late hour; my mother forgot to pick me up so I called a friend, he was someone I knew who would
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I smiled as he drove off and asked me if I wanted to go anywhere, I shook my head no. He asked me if it was okay for him to go to Tim Horton’s real quick to get a coffee since it was so close to where he had picked me up from. Of-course I said yes, so we drove off and I controlled the aux cord. We got there and when he finished his order he asked me if I wanted anything. I said I was fine but he insisted and purchased me a coffee. I didn’t like to drink coffee but I pretended to enjoy it. After we received our order, he drove me home and I thanked him for the coffee and ride. After that, I slowly opened my front door and snuck back in. I tiptoed up to my room trying my best not to make any noise. I walked into my room and changed into comfortable clothes and finally rested my eyes. As I was about to fall asleep, my phone buzzed. It was the guy who dropped me off home. I swiped my finger across my phone to open it and glanced at the text message that read, “thank you for knowing you could call me.” I silenced my phone and placed it on my dresser. I closed my eyes and finally fell
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