College Admissions Essay: Why I Attend A College

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When deciding on a college option, most people choose their colleges based on the size, the location, the majors available and financial aid. I, like those people payed attention to those options, but I, unlike many others, looked for a way to keep whom I was hidden; to continue restraining my curls from breathing. Since an early age, being Dominican, I was taught that to look “presentable” and to feel “beautiful” my curls had to be kept straight, manageable, to iron and suffocate this wild tangle of hair that grasps for air. In this way, when I was faced with the challenge of deciding between an excellent college like Bates and not so good ones, the ability to be able to keep myself, and most importantly my hair “beautiful” was highly considered. I almost decided to go to a college close to home simply because I had easier access to Dominican hair salons, you sure can’t find those in Lewiston, Maine! When May 1st of last year had come I had made my decision: I would try out Bates for a year and see how I’d do, if I didn’t feel comfortable I would…show more content…
We got to embrace our uniqueness and beautifulness. In addition, there’s a person from my high-school that’s going to attend Bates this upcoming year. I’m committed to doing the same thing that my friends did with me: encouraging her and others I meet, to join groups, to meet other people, to hear their stories, more importantly to share their own stories and to be proud of who they are. This not only helps others, but helps themselves. I’m grateful to Bates and my friends for helping see the light, and to whomever nominated me for this scholarship as I have taken the time to reflect on my hair journey and my first year at this school. I’m looking forward to keep letting my curls breathe and see what this upcoming year holds in store for
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