College Admissions Essay: Why I Have A Voice

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Let’s say someone found a magical golden lamp and was granted one wish by a blue genie with the voice of Robin Williams. Most would instantly wish for either fame, fortune, or power. What I would wish for is the ability to give whoever a voice, whenever. What having a voice mean to me is whatever I say carries some weight or influence to the audience I am reaching out to. A voice can also lead to fame, fortune, and power if used correctly.
The desire for a voice came from the frustration of not having a voice among an overcrowded public high school with over four thousand kids. Being a number, instead of a name within the school created many obstacles of disconnection from human interaction. Within the four years of high school, endless topics are presented to discuss many opportunities to build one’s net worth. Life is not a perfectly straight path that someone can walk down, there will be obstacles,
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I will always be welcoming and willing to provide guidance, but the lack of a voice prohibits such actions. The desire for a voice inspires me to help others in order to leave an impactful sense of clarity. Every possible chance attempting to input something impactful to at least one listening person is crucial. The feeling of guiding others in the right direction, or simply being impactful, fills one’s self with such emotion that words can simply not explain. What I desire makes me a better person and sheds light on the traits within me that I never knew existed. I only wish to see the day that I achieve self-actualization, but what I find interesting is I see my best self in others.
Sophomore year was when I told myself that this sense of disconnection from each others stop from this point on. I ran for class office, in hopes that the position would allow me to give every student a voice. My quest was to turn a school known for the number of students, into a school known for the name of the
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