College Admissions Essay: Why Stars Exist In The Sky

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Why-the question that comes firstly in my mind every morning and way to find myself. Once my mom told me that when I was only four, I asked her why the stars exist in the sky? , what is beyond our world? , why are we here in the world? Although, she didn’t know the answers, she was amazed; she thought that I’m somewhat prodigy. I grew taller and taller passing year by year; but nothing SPECIAL-unlike Einstein, whose IQ is 190, unlike William James Sidis who attended university at age of 11, unlike Kieron Williamson who exhibited professional paintings at age of 7 and unlike any prodigy. Therefore, my expectation to prove mom’s hope was to win competitions, award prizes, always be the first and never to lose. That was my absolute answer to the…show more content…
In the morning of the day, I raced with sun and prepared everything except of an inner confidence. Then I was standing toward Tsagaan Ovgon (Mongolian traditional spiritual paint) on the wall while joining palms, mumbling “please give me the first place”. Indeed, I’m atheist. Only in such a situation, I become amiable with god. That of girl who can give up on truth she believes but enforce to choosing an easier path that is not true for herself. But today’s me believe that if there were a god, he made the clever decision- I got a 0 point. Naïve and foolish efforts to be considered special led to the exact place where I should be. I was sinking into the bottom of the lost hopes, lost efforts and lost dreams. To be seen as a prodigy, my hope’s fire formed into tiny spark. This failure was not my first, but first one reminded to stop coveting. Since then, I never told my tenacious mom that I was going to be a part of the competition, Olympiad or anything. The reason is so simple- the fearfulness of losing her trust- that is better for her not to know, instead, to believe her daughter is going well. Truth be told, the imitation light I shed in my future is faded and turns
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