College Admissions Essay: Work Life Balance

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Work Life Balance Ha! Who would?ve thought that I of all people would be blogging about work life balance. I constantly feel as though I have a million things on my plate and that I?m struggling to keep up. Through my participation in clubs, work, and school, my mind is constantly worrying about something. My go-go-go mentality has been like this for about a year now, and I need a change ASAP. It?s to the point where I?m sacrificing my own mental sanity for my jobs and schoolwork. Let?s start off with a good ol? example. This summer I got an internship at an advertising and branding agency, which is my dream job! I was so excited to have gotten this position because I?ll be learning the skills that I will be using in the future. However, this internship ain?t bringing in the big bucks, which I quickly realized. I already bartend on the weekends, but that?s only one or two days a week. So, I began searching for a third job and finally ended up with a serving job. Within a couple days of school ending, I started my serving job and internship. I had a total of 1 day of actual summer break before being busy …show more content…

Jumping from finals to putting in over 55 hours per week was wayyy too much for my brain to handle. I should have lessened my commitment and started working later in the summer. This way I could?ve gotten a few more days of freedom to be with my friends in the moment. However, I have made a few changes in the past week, which has already made a huge impact on my wellbeing and general state of mind. Although I still have lots going on, I found ways to relax and destress so that I can actually enjoy my summer. I made a quick list of everything that has helped me find my work life balance, which I would like to share with you all. Of course, this list is far from perfect or all-encapsulating, but it?s the tips that helped me out the most! With that being said, enjoy

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