College Admissions : Financial Planning

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College Admissions: Financial Planning

Financial stress is an everyday reality for college students. Dealing with the financial side of college has been proven to be one of the biggest stress factors for students. Before even starting college, one must worry about how they are going to pay for it; whether they 'll take out student loans, apply for numerous scholarships, or pay out of pocket. There are many different ways you can prepare yourself for the financial strain of college, beginning when you are still in high school. Things such as consumer math classes, life application classes, and research of different budgets you will have to plan once you move out of the house are all things that can be huge
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Once you leave high school, these things are usually thrown upon you quite quickly. There are many different financial struggles college kids go through, but there are also a lot of precautionary measures and budget strategies that help many college students get through their schooling with little to no financial struggle.

The first thing college students should consider when they move out of the house is how much money they actually spend on fast food and snacks that they do not need. Personally, spending money on food is one of my worst habits. If you added all of the money that people spent on fast food each month, there would be no reason for late bills and unpaid responsibilities. Impulse buying is also something that a lot of people struggle with. When you are first going to college, you should manage your funds as tightly as you can. Budgets should be small, and there should be no extra frivolous spending until after you have completed all of the spending that is one hundred and ten percent necessary for you to continue living comfortably. Another very important thing to look into as a college student is using rented textbooks, or finding used ones at a lower cost. Purchasing textbooks is one of the most important things at college, and just one more thing that students take for granted in public school. There are also simple things that you are taught throughout life, such as not going
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