College Admissions : Personal Statement

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Personal Statement

(College Admissions: Personal Statement)

Growing up in a small town, with the knowledge of a small town community can have an effect on you. Having the respect and dignity to know between right and wrong adds and interesting aspects into a life style. Growing up in a small community makes you realize what it is like to have small class rooms and having your teachers know you by a first name basis.Knowing everyone on each sport team because “everyone knows everyone in a small town”. I had the ability to be able to ride my bike down the street without a real question of my safety where I grew up in Worland Wyoming. I have different academic interests than others may, I enjoy different extracurricular activities than other students, and life experiences that are unlike anyone else that have shaped me into who I am today.

Initially, my academics seem to differ from other students within my class. Within my high school career I had a large interest in the science field. I have taken many science classes such as: physical science, Biology, Biological field studies, and Chemistry. I loved the aspects of science such as the lab study and the way things scientifically are explained. I also enjoyed all the electives that were offered within our high school. I took advantage of the classes that were offered. I enjoyed the art classes and the vast variety of assorted classes like world of children and extra history classes like Wyoming history. Within my…
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