College Admissions Reflection

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So far, Preview has been a lot more than what I initially expected. I knew that it was going to be a lot of work since we need to be able to know most aspects of the campus so that if a family asked a question, we would know the answer. The number of projects took me off guard. I was not expecting to have so many so quickly with a quick turnaround. They are not difficult, but it just takes time to gather all the information and place it all on a paper or PowerPoint. In another light, I was not expecting the amount of time for preview since I really did not know I was going to be so close to the other staffers. Literally every day, I run into a staffer and I waste easily an hour talking to them about life and what is happening. This has not negatively affected my grades in any way, but it’s just incredible to me that I would be so close to 44 other individuals so quickly. Overall, the class has been fairly enjoyable. It might be hard for me to wake up at 7am on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but once I start moving around, I start to get excited for what to expect in class. Every time I walk into…show more content…
She was very knowledgeable on what makes up an ideal University of Florida applicant and why certain students are selected for PaCE, Summer B admits, and Fall admits. Also, the breakdown of the class of 2021 statistics was great since we got to know who the kids were to a certain point and what we could expect from them. Additionally, Rachel and Nigel with their academic presentations have been really helpful. They do seem at points to drag along since the information can be dry at points, but we need to know the information to be successful in our position that we are in. The breakdown of where credits go and they fit in a student’s schedule have been the most helpful part. If we fail to learn the academics part of the course, its honestly defeats the purpose of being a preview
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