College Alcohol Case Study

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Participants Participants were enrolled in summer courses at a small Midwestern university. Students were recruited via email to participate in the study. All participants consented to be above the age of eighteen and were treated within APA guidelines. Of ____ participants, _____ provided enough data for analysis.

Procedure A cross-sectional, correlational design was used to assess various influences on college alcohol behaviors. Prior to initiation of the study, all procedures were approved by the institutional review board on the campus under study. From the recruitment email, participants accessed the online survey. All participants read and electronically signed a consent form before beginning the survey. Questions were asked to
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To create one parental monitoring score the responses from each item were averaged together. Social Media Monitoring. A total of six items were created to determine how much college students perceived their parents to be monitoring them through social media. Three yes/no questions asked if their parent(s) had a social media account, if they were friends with their parent(s) on social media, and if their parent(s) were friends with their friends on social media. Two additional items asked the degree that they perceived their parent(s) interacted with the content they posted either online or in person or checked their social media account. A final item asked how often participants censored what they posted so their parents wouldn’t see it. These three questions were asked on a 1-5 scale with 1= never, 2= occasionally, 3= sometimes, 4= often, 5= frequently. All questions that were asked using this scale were averaged together to create one score for social media monitoring. Parental Permissiveness. Participants were asked how many drinks their parent would allow them to consume at one time. Two open ended items were asked to distinguish permissiveness of both mother and father figures (4). The scores provided were averaged to form one parental permissiveness score. Perceived Norms. The Drinking Norms Rating Form (do I cite 4 or the original?), asked participants to answer two open ended items assessing the frequency and quantity of alcohol
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