College And An Arts Degree

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While a substantial amount of students see the opportunity to make a fair living from earning a college degree, there are students who look to pursue their passions. Many instances people view college as a gateway into the middle class if they aren’t of the wealthy already. So they venture out to study as an engineer, doctor, lawyer, or ect, in hopes of making over $100,000 or as close to this as possible. However when arts students take on college the expectation to get paid high wages like that is unlikely. Bring up the question is college and an arts degree really worth it? The worth of an arts degree is not always worth the expense of college because of possible student loan debt, salary makeup gain and jobs for artists sometimes require bachelor 's degrees. Student loan debt has been an increasing problem in our country for years now, leaving people for truly living in peace and being a reason why people choose not to go to college. In 2014 student loan debt rose to 1.2 Trillion dollars of debt. This can cause a problem with artists because the most an artist will make is close to $50,000 a year. Excessive amounts of tuition can be very discouraging on the pursuit for a life you want to live. The amounts of debt people go through is completely out of this world. This next example is only an example to see what the extremes of debt would be like. According to Jason C. White who has a Ph.D in Arts management from Ohio State University has stated that in between the years
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