College At Arizona State University

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Imagine Time Square in New York City on the busiest day of the year or the Great Barrier Reef with hundreds of fish swimming around you. Those two remarkable places resemble that of the Memorial Union (MU) at Arizona State University (ASU). Not everyone loves crowded, cramped, and/or cluttered places. In fact, some people want a space that is calm, inviting, and their own. For the students that attend Barrett, The Honors College at Arizona State University it is just that, a secluded welcoming part of ASU. Not only is Barrett a portion of ASU that seems distant from other dorms, it has its very own unique feel. You can walk into Palo Verde East or West, Manzanita, or even the University Tower and not have the open space that surrounds the…show more content…
One thing remains true; the living spaces are phenomenal. From either living in Cottonwood, Cereus, or any other hall at Barrett you are definitely in for a treat. Each hall has a unique characteristic that makes them exceptional. From the floor theme, to the lounge area each hall brings something different to the atmosphere at Barrett. When walking around the various halls you tend to feel like you’re in a three out of four-star hotel because everything is well kept, and refined, but also individualistic. Every hall has a multitude of floors, and each floor has a different theme. Themes could range from Toy Story to The Lego movie, or one could stand out and have a Harambe memorial in front of their living space. These various themes bring the multitude of living spaces together. Barrett is a distinct place on campus that has a lot to be discovered. While sitting and observing from one of many lounge areas, I observed that Barrett has a very strong community of students. In the span of time while I was there I did not notice anyone sitting and/or walking by themselves. Everyone had someone to communicate with, and make an everlasting bond with. That does resemble what could possibly happen in the Memorial Union, during a lunch or dinner rush, but at Barrett it is in a much more controlled setting with more space to breath. I came to notice that outside the dorms people would socialize, and really be themselves, but once entering their dorm room it felt like
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