College Athletes Are Being Consumed By The World Of College Athletics

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Americans have become consumed by the world of college athletics. This excitement can be seen all around us. Here at the University of Florida, we experience the energy of division I college sports every day. Whether we choose to participate on football game days, wear Gator athletic apparel, or make conversation every day revolving around topics such as “Tebow’s non-existent NFL career” or “that one basketball player that kept us out of the championship”, the star athletes of our universities become household names across the country. Although it seems to be a life of fame and fortune for these individuals that live the life of a star student athlete, it comes at a cost. Today, college athletes are exploited because of the lack of…show more content…
This information was found in a study conducted by the National College Players Association entitled “The Price of Poverty in Big Time College Sport” where it was found that 86% of players were living below the federal poverty line. Meanwhile, the players are not earning the education that will land them decent or high paying jobs if there may be the case of not going pro, or receiving an injury making them ineligible to play. Legally, players are fighting for a more secure representation and a better system of financial security. Next, although the opposing argument is that the athlete receives a free education, this has shown to not always be true. With a “work week” longer than the national average (43.3 hours) how can we say that they receive a free education? In fact, I would argue that they are employees of the school they attend. Also, schools are not producing scholars, they are producing a group of athletes that have about a 2% chance of getting drafted, and an even larger group that either do not graduate, or end up dropping out of school do to an injury, stress, etc. This is also the moment when the racial factor becomes an issue. In “Taboo: Why Black Athletes Dominate Sports and Why We Are Afraid to Talk About It” written by Jon Entine, senior

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