College Athletes Deserve Compensation Essay

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Thousands of devoted fans eagerly watch their favorite sports players and teams year round. Some people watch professional sports, while others prefer college. The only difference between professional and college athletics is the lack of payment to student athletes. The National Collegiate Athletics Association (NCAA) receives millions of dollars in revenue from college men's basketball and football, and college coaches of top schools are paid the same amount as professional coaches. Fans of both college and professional athletes can proudly show their commitment by purchasing jerseys or other merchandise. College basketball and football are commonly discussed topics on television and radio. College and professional sports are analogous in every way, except for payment of the athletes themselves. Student athletes deserve to be paid, because even though they are considered amateurs, they need money for their social life, and their own institutions already exploit them, making enough money to pay athletes fairly.
The main argument of opposition is that college athletics are a pastime, not a profession, and paying athletes would make these sports seem like a profession, not just a representation of the school (Sobocinski 289). The NCAA and others who oppose compensation believe in amateurism, the idea that college students should focus on academics first and athletics second (Amateurism 1). Also, they think student athletes are already receiving fair compensation for…