College Athletes Deserve to Be Paid Essay

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Sports were created for the enjoyment of beings and friendly competition. Today society has shifted the friendly competition to more of a money based system rather than fun and games. The typical athletes’ road to success is starting from a young age, playing in high school, and then receiving a scholarship for College and all athletes overall objective is to constantly get better and play professionally. Universities have really manipulated athletes in the world today giving them “free education” for the exchange of their blood, sweet, and tears, while they receive revenue that athletes bring in yearly. It is very evident that College athletes deserve to be paid, and universities need to find a way to pay them a reasonably amount because…show more content…
Although the athletes receive scholarship offers they are also cheated out of income that the universities receive for all of the hard work that the athletes do. Bringing up Alabama again they earned total revenue of $124.5 million in the year of 2013 before New Year’s Day. Alabama’s tuition is about 14,000 dollars. This is a major difference and truly explains how College universities “Give Athletes Free Education” is not remotely equal at all. “Being a College athlete is a full time Job” (Lynn O'Shaughnessy) .So when recruits pick the College of their choice and continuously pursue the road to professionalism the sport that they are playing, it is equivalent to them signing an un-read contract where the offeror receives 100% of the Income. 42.1 hours a week is what Division I baseball players on average spend on their sport. Excluding classes and having a social life on campus this is truly sucking the life and energy out of the College athletes’ bodies and they receive little to nothing in return for all of their hard work. This is more like a full-time intern job. Money is just not given to athletes and they unfairly have to pay for everything that they need. There is no way possible to earn money because of how much time a week they spend on average participating in the sport they “earned a right to play”. It is not fair to the College athletes who do everything in their power
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