College Athletes Do Not Get Paid

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Public employees get paid every day for working hard to earn money. College athletes are not public employees who do not deserve payment. College athletes did not fill out an application to work for a company. College athletes worked hard throughout high school and received enough attention to have a college coach offer them free tuition to play for his college. Many people and critics fight for compensation for college athletes because they believe that they do not have time to earn money for basic needs. College athletes do not deserve payment because they have been given all they need to get through college. Big schools such as University of Michigan, University of Alabama, Virginia Tech, etc. have tons of money, mainly coming from their…show more content…
Why are these people complaining? They have been given something that most of the country’s population cannot afford. “At a time when student debt is a major national issue, most college athletes don't have to worry about it. They go to college for free, and when they graduate, most graduate debt free. They also receive cost of attendance benefits, meaning their day to day needs, such as food, housing, clothing, gas and travel back home, are covered” (Scott, Larry). College athletes do not have to worry about student debt or anything that the average college student would have to worry about. Some may say that college athletes should be paid for reasons outside of college, such as savings or going out for dinner every once in awhile; however, why is it the colleges’ problem to make sure their students’ off time is great? That is totally up to the student. Colleges do not have to give their students everything they want. College athletes should not be paid as employees because they have been given all of their daily needs and free education. These students can complain all they want, but they are not employees and do not deserve payment. Paying athletes will hurt our colleges and universities, paying athletes will hurt our
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