College Athletes Financial Compensation

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Abstract The purpose of this research paper is to persuade a National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) panel, to include its president Mr. Mark Emmert to modify the current NCAA amateurism by law 12.02.1 making it feasible for college athletes to receive financial compensation. The primary issue with the current regulation is that because of the rule many student athletes are living in poverty like conditions. The current by law is also affecting various aspects of domestic and International students ability to continue to meet eligibility requirements. In the past ten years college athletics as a whole has grown exponentially and it’s clearly evident by the revenues the NCAA and it’s schools are generating. These additional…show more content…
Those that argue that college students are not receiving fair treatment would argue the point that these amateur college athletes are not truly as fortunate as the NCAA portrays. There is no doubt that many underprivileged young adults are indeed provided an opportunity to pursue a lifelong dream, yet it’s not as obvious when some of the statistics are examined. Though the NCAA and it’s institutions of higher learning do issue hundreds of thousands of scholarships throughout the year, they only make up a minuet percentage of college students, in fact in the same in the same time period of 2003 to 2004, “the N.C.A.A. institutions gave athletic scholarships amounting to about 2 percent of the 6.4 million athletes playing those sports, making that select group of athletes barely register statistically among the 5.3 million students at N.C.A.A. colleges and universities” (New York Times, n.d.). If the intent is to provide more opportunities to these underprivileged young adults then we all have a moral obligation to review not only how scholarships are awarded, but how many, as well as how they benefit the student athletes throughout their college years.
The second aspect of the debate is one from an economic perspective, which is the
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