College Athletes Have You Ever Thought About Being A College Athlete?

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College Athletes Have you ever thought about being a college athlete? During college, students who are athletes have to keep up with the study and the daily physical training. Many High school student athletes’ dreams are to graduate and be accepted to some of the top universities and to continue playing for their university; however, throughout the United States, most university athletes are faced with an issue that many may not be familiar with. These athletes represent their universities yet, they are not paid for their play. NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) and many others think that this is the right thing to do. Their argument is that these players are receiving scholarships, graduate assistantships, and many other…show more content…
Instead of getting what they are worth, college athletes are forced to pay costs like room, board, and travel expenses that are not covered by most athletic scholarships—leaving many college athletes living below the poverty line. In most cases, excluding the glamour sports of football and basketball, the average N.C.A.A. athletic scholarship is nowhere near a full ride, amounting to $8,707. In sports like baseball or track and field, the number is routinely as low as $2,000. Even when football and basketball are included, the average is $10,409. Tuition and room and board for N.C.A.A. institutions often cost between $20,000 and $50,000 a year. So because of the low number of scholarships given to student athletes and expensive college costs, the NCPA/Drexel report proposes an alternative solution. The proposed solution is to allow players to receive a portion of revenues (from TV contracts, for instance) and sequester those funds in an “educational lockbox,” which players can only tap to cover school-related costs. Players would receive the rest of the money only after graduation, potentially increasing graduation rates “Why college athletes deserve six figure salaries.” Many colleges raise the issue of low budget funds, struggles with the student loans and financial aid. Now that the government has put the pressure on the students to pay for their education many schools have trouble saving up money or giving out financial supports to all their students
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