College Athletes Making a Paycheck

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The NCAA has many rules that are disagreeable. Not everyone can agree on every single rule. It just would be impossible to make it for everyone to be happy. One of the most controversial rules is whether collegiate athletes should be paid or not. People disobey this rule and are forced to suffer greatly making the players and colleges upset. Both sides want to make it fair for the both the players and the NCAA. Colleges are usually left out when talking about this question even though they will be greatly affected either way. Allowing this to happen would give players the majority of the advantages. The NCAA would have a few advantages but wouldn't benefit as greatly as the players. This rule won't have major effects on the players or NCAA but will affect the colleges. This debate has been going on for years and has heated up over the past few years. Colleges illegally pay college athletes for their services. This choice has caused uprisings in the college athletic world. Even though college athletes can't legally accept benefits, there are still people who accept them without the approval of the NCAA. These violations lead to players getting suspended from their athletics as well as getting in problems with the NCAA. These punishments also hurt the students academics as well. The NCAA president stated, "Rather than push college athletics further and further from academics, we need to bring it closer" (Emmert). The NCAA wants to connect athletics and academics and bring
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