College Athletes Must be Held to the Same Standards as Full-Time Students

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Despite a tendency for institutions to be lenient with college athletes, as they enjoy the benefits of full-time-student status, they must be held to the same standards as non-athlete students. Every institution has an obligation to set attendance rules; students who attend these institutions have an obligation to abide by them, however, in actuality, professors chose whether or not they’re enforced. This may cause significant problems between other students targeting a player, rather than who is responsible, the Professor. Although institutions want their students equally treated, diversity is well accepted. Existence as a college athlete contributes to diversity as well as a substantial amount of favoritism. Issues arise pertaining to…show more content…
Furthermore, Community College professors are easier to work with due to smaller class size, rather than a University, where class sizes are so large, one may never met the professor. There are various obstacles to overcome in college-athletics; ones that are mentioned are just to name a few. Although many argue in defense of college-athletics, to elaborate on the few obstacles mentioned, one might put more detail in how stress and anxiety can be reduced simply by exercise. Exercise is great for brain functioning as well as the body. A decrease in stress may help a player to perform well on assignments, and the field. To help a player into a positive mental state, couches have put together certain stretches that specifically target anxiety pressure points. When an athlete is in a positive mental state, he/she is able to perform well. Players are also able to control their thinking, remove tension, and conserve energy using the special techniques provided. Generally, techniques used for relaxation, should result in decreased blood pressure, heart rate, breathing rate, and decreased body metabolism. Another benefit of college-athletics, is the substantial amount of class time one may miss, this gives an opportunity for other students to have one-on-one attention with their professor and peers. Smaller class size contributes to individual success. Now, other advantages of missing class include
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