College Athletes : Patrons For The Ncaa

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College Athletes: Patrons for the NCAA The NCAA is a money-generating monster that disregards college athletes’ financial well being. How can we stand back and let the NCAA steal money from the hard working athletes that provide it? Take this for example: Philip is a landscaper that works hard day in and day out mowing yards. He is not always perfect, and makes the occasional mistake. Even though he make mistakes, he is good at what he does. Now imagine if Philip earned a very small amount of the total money made. The rest of the money goes straight to his advisor who sits around and does nothing all day. This is what collegiate sports have come to. Collegiate athletes are working hard by earning money for the NCAA. The NCAA is…show more content…
With this large time restriction, it can be close to impossible to find and maintain a job. Student athletes need extra money in order to maintain a stable financial base. It would make so much more sense if athletes were compensated for the work they are putting in. They clock countless hours practicing and forming their game. A typical college athlete will spend just as much time practicing their sport as a normal job. They do all of this just so people on the side can reap the benefits. Student athletes should receive financial compensation because coaches and schools receive billions while the athletes receive nothing (Hopkins,par.7). It is scary to think how out of hand this could get if something is not changed. Why not give the money to the people who are working for it? Why not the players? Lack of time is not the only reason college athletes should be paid. The amount of money that the athletes generate is the main reason that the players should be payed. When people hear of college athletics, all they think of is a game. Most people do not realize that there is a million dollar industry going on around these athletes. Eric He, a sports fanatic who writes for the Daily Trojan, states, “The NCAA is a nonprofit, tax exempt organization that just happens to be a billion-dollar industry, raking in $740 million per year from March Madness alone” (par. 7). When the NCAA is generating that much money, how can it not go to the players? It is not the

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