College Athletes -- Pay for Play? Essay

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College Athletes -- Pay for Play?

There have been ongoing arguments over the past decade of whether or not college athletes should be paid to play. Many argue that they do not have time to get real jobs because the requirements for the sport that they participate in are far too demanding. Others cite that these athletes are provided full scholarships to attend the schools at which they are playing the sport. However regardless of the argument, I still feel that college athletes should NOT be paid to play. College athletes are not forced into playing the sport that they have devoted their time to during their years in secondary education. They continue to play into the college level for their love of the game.
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Therefore leaving them limited time to find jobs that allow them to work around their tedious scheduals.

One rule that the NCAA maintains, is that while its athletes are playing a school sport, they are not allowed to use their talents playing for paying teams. To many this seems unfair as students who participate in things such as the band or a singing group can use their talents in jobs such as lessons or paid gigs that are available. However, student athletes are often offered jobs by the school to participate as trainers or instructors in summer camps. The fact that they are already talented in the sport that they are asked to instruct gives them an edge on others who may be looking to get the same job, and therefore offers these students summer jobs without the hassle that others face finding work.

Also student athletes are given a monthly stipend to spend while they are on road trips, to pay for their food, laundry, and other things. On average students are given 200-250 dollars a month, that they can choose to do whatever like with. If the students wishes to keep the money and put it into a savings account this does not violate any rules. (Fleck, The NCAA also offers a special assistance fund that was created in 1991. This fund allows for student athletes to be given up to 500 dollars a year to
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