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Rationale: This written task will analyse how audience and purpose affect the structure of texts, as well as demonstrate an awareness of how language and meaning are shaped by culture and context. This task will allow me to expire and take into consideration the writing skills of journalist, Sally Jenkins. In my pastiche, I will be conveying a positive attitude towards college athletes being paid. In her editorials, Sally Jenkins often discusses how sports greatly affects our society. It is to be noted however that some excerpts are fabricated.

Written Task:

Recently, there has been major discussions if college athletes should or shouldn’t be paid while they are attending schools. Whenever you talk to opponents the first thing they say
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They don't even get a penny.
Stubborn about college athletes, the NCAA does not compensate any of the college athletes. The NCAA argues that all the profits from lucrative sports such as basketball and football goes to golf and volleyball.
College Athletes should be paid because they practically work a full time job. They work for an average of 40 hours a week to master their sport. Whereas, the average American works a 5 to 8 job. Salaries are based on 40 hour weeks. And not only do they work for 40 hours, but they also have to live their college life, academically and socially. Being a college athlete is intellectually demanding but also physically enduring.
Paying students would also raise the level of performance. If the NCAA paid its athletes, the students would not have to add extra stress worrying about where they will get their money from. If students did not have to worry about their finances, they could spend more time focusing on their game and their classes. This helps prevent tired and burnt out athletes from underperforming on the field. Instead of chasing part time jobs, athletes could focus more on their game to earn higher rewards. They could use the extra energy and ambition and throw it straight into their game to become a bigger, better competitors which would in turn make the NCAA more
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