College Athletes Research Paper

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Good afternoon ladies and gentleman. I stand before you today with a matter that is very prominent in the college sports industry, especially within the sports of football and basketball, and that is whether or not to pay the collegiate athletes. I firmly believe that college athletes have the right to receive payment due to their services in the sport. Many college sports are large attractions for these schools resulting in a gross of millions of dollars for the universities. The league that represents them, the NCAA, is a billion dollar organization due to the popularity of the sports teams. The players on these teams deserve a fraction of the money that they bring to these other groups. Also, making it to the professional level is a…show more content…
College basketball is popular enough and valuable enough to be worth more than $250 million dollars a week to broadcast games. CBS is willing to spend billions of dollars because they believe they will make a profit off ads and viewership numbers. To give an idea of how valuable television rights to March Madness is, ABC made $233.9 million dollars in advertising for the 2015 NBA finals which lasted around 2 weeks and in the prime time viewing slot on the network. March Madness has their games during the daytime, usually going from 10 until 4, when most Americans are either working or in school Despite that their ad revenue is expected to be even greater than that of the championship at the professional level of the sport. One out of three weeks of an amateur college basketball tournament is more valuable than an entire championship series, headlined by two of the greatest athletes ever to play the sport. Despite this, these college players don’t receive any payment while the players in the less valuable series are all multi-millionaires. College football is another very valuable organization. The coaches for some of the universities are valued more than NFL coaches. Jim Harbaugh, The University of Michigan’s head coach, made 9 million dollars during the 2016 season for coaching a team of amateurs. Nick Saban, the coach for The University of Alabama, nearly earned an astounding 7 million. These are coaches for amateur
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