College Athletes Should Be Paid: An Opinion Essay

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Should College Athletes be paid? Founded almost a century ago to protect students engaging in college athletics, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) has been at the forefront in the implementation of its founding principles which largely focus on both academics and athletics excellence (National Collegiate Athletic Association). However, a review of the total earnings made by NCAA and the benefits accorded to the players that make these earnings realizable brings to question whether NCAA truly protects and cares about the livelihood of athletes. In this text, I revisit the issue of whether or not college athletes should be paid. In my opinion, there exists a need to compensate college athletes. In a nutshell NCAA solely earns from college sports and sportsmen and women. However, none of its substantial earnings directly support the players and/or their needs. Instead, college players only benefit through the acquisition of scholarships that only take care of education, whilst barely catering for any other needs in their lives. In 2010-2011, period audits reveal that NCAA earned a total of $845.9 million dollars. A large chunk of this money originates from rights agreements made with various media companies such as CBS sports which air college sporting events. Apart from NCAA, colleges also benefit substantially from these sporting events. In that regard, is clear that everyone substantially benefits from the said sports. However, the question is: do

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