College Athletes Should Be Paid Analysis

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The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) is an organization of colleges and universities that are dedicated to the well-being and lifelong success of college athletes (“What”). The NCAA’s website states, “The NCAA was founded in 1906 to protect young people from the dangerous and exploitive athletic practices of the time” (Treadway). So much has changed in the world of college athletics since 1906. For instance, the Title IX law was created to insure the equality of men’s and women’s sports. More importantly, television networks have begun paying schools large amounts of money for the rights to broadcast their games on television. It was recently announced that NBC Sports will pay the University of Notre Dame an average of fifteen million dollars per year for the rights to televise the Fighting Irish’s home football games (“NBC”). Inevitably, with all of this money being paid to the colleges and universities, a discussion has begun about the possibility of paying…show more content…
The additional payment would make a college athletic scholarship even more valuable. Therefore, even more high school students would want to get one. Another argument is that the average college athlete works 43.3 hours per week on their sport. The athletes also spend about 10 hours per day on their academics. This adds up to over ninety hours a week (“Should”). There is another argument that suggests that athletes should share in the revenue that they help to bring in. The NCAA is an eleven billion dollar organization (“Should”). College sports are a business, every person that buys a ticket to go either to a football game or a field hockey game generates money (“Paid”). The athletes put their bodies on the line every time they go to practice or a game. Fitzpatrick said, “Players are entitled to some compensation because of the revenue they bring in and the risk of injury they
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