College Athletes Should Be Paid Essay

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College Athletes Should Be Paid
Kids grow up loving to play sports in their free time. They never get paid to play when they are at a young age. They do it for the love of the game and for the need for competition. This is the way that it is in college right now. College athletes compete with all their hearts to be the best they can for their schools. They don’t get paid a cent. It has been a common debate if that is the right way to do it. Should it be that college athletes do not deserve to get paid for playing a sport? It should not be this way. College athletes certainly should get paid to play.
The number one argument for why college athletes should not get paid to play sports in college is because the athletes should just do it for the love of the game. There is nothing keeping them playing but their own will to play and to compete. This is a valid point but just because you pay the athlete doesn’t mean that they are going to give any less effort on the field. If the athlete knows that they are getting paid it is not going to instantly take out his heart for the game. In some occasions it might actually drive the athlete to do better and take it more serious. The amount of money that they should get doesn’t even have to be a major amount. It could be something as low as 2,000 dollars a year. Being a college athlete is a full time job. Trevor Coston was a free safety on the University of Maine’s football team in 2010 and his day is jam packed. He starts off his day at…