College Athletes Should Be Paid

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Some college athletic departments are as wealthy as professional sports teams. The NCAA has an average annual revenue of $10.6 billion dollars. College athletes should be paid because of the amount of revenue that they bring to their college. Each individual college should pay its athletes based on how much revenue they bring to the college in which they attend. The colleges that win their Division title, their Conference title, or the National championship, give bonuses to the Head coach of that team. If colleges have enough money to give bonuses to coaches, that means they have money that is left over for the athlete who gives them recognition to pay them. College athletes should be paid based solely upon the performance and success that they have. The Intercollegiate Athlete Association of the United States, In May of 1910, became what is now known as the NCAA (Time Toast). “When the NCAA first began, there were no such things as Division I, Division II, and Division III colleges (”. “The membership was divided into three divisions for competition and legislative purposes (”. “Among the three NCAA divisions, Division I schools generally have the biggest student bodies, manage the largest athletics budgets and offer the most generous number of scholarships (”. “With nearly 350 colleges and universities in its membership, Division I schools have more than 6,000 sports teams, and provide opportunities for more than 170,000 student-athletes
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