College Athletes Should Be Paid

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In the recent past, college athletics has gained massive fame in the United States. The immense fame of the college athletics has developed over the past twenty years. The massive development and fame of the college athletics have resulted in improved incomes for the National Collegiate Athletics Association (NCAA). Due to increased revenue received by the NCAA, the participates in athletics in the colleges has fuelled the argument of whether the college athletes need to be paid and rewarded more than just the athletic scholarships. In this research paper, I will take a stab at to respond the question whether they should be paid by delving the explanations for and against the payment of the college athletes (Adams and Becky 108).
Reasons the College Athletes should be Paid
Athletics in colleges in the United States of America forms the fundamental component of inter-college sports. Despite the massive triumph of the NCAA competitions, athletes do need some payments in monetary compensations to reward them for their tireless efforts in the athletics. The chief reasons provided by the NCAA for lack enough income to pay these athletes is that its cravings to uphold its amateur status and those payments would prejudice the veracity of the college athletics. Therefore, in my arguments the college athletes should be paid for the following reasons (Baird 01).
First, paying the college athletes would make intercollege athletic sports more competitive. When these students in the
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