College Athletes Should Be Paid

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College Athletes Getting Paid College athletes spend numerous hours every week playing games during their season and working to strengthen their athletic abilities. With long hours of practice, exercising, and games, it can make managing school work and their sport difficult to handle. According to Rodney K. Smith, author of “A Brief History of the National Collegiate Athletic Association 's Role in Regulating Intercollegiate Athletics” in the Marquette Sports Law Review, “In 1905 alone, there were over eighteen deaths and one hundred major injuries in intercollegiate football (Vol 11:9).” With a history of an abundant amount of players getting injured while playing, the discussion of paying college athletes was debated between different colleges. The issue of whether or not to pay college athletes was recently brought to attention in the public eye. In 2013, Johnny Manziel held up his Heisman trophy on the cover of Time Magazine and stated, “It’s time to pay college athletes” (ESPN). This topic became of interest to discuss among college athletes, coaches, sports fans, and colleges due to the impact it could have on their daily lives. With many different views and factors to take into count on this certain issue, it is an ongoing debate rather to pay college athletes or not. Those that believe they should be paid provide different reasoning to support their opinion. On the other hand, people who believe college athletes should not get paid have similar beliefs. College…

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