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A question that has been rising to the surface lately is “should college athletes be paid a salary?” One cannot get on the internet now a day and not see some kind of college sport headline. The world of college sports has been changed greatly the past decade due to college athletes. These athletes make insurmountable amounts of money and an unbelievable amount of recognition for the universities. The athletes that provide and make a ton of revenue for the colleges also spend a huge amount of their time practicing and staying committed to sports, and have to maintain good grades in school which requires quite a bit of overtime. Because college athletes generate massive amounts of revenue and put in massive amounts of personal time for …show more content…
Horace Mitchell, President of California State University-Bakersfield, NCAA Division I Board of Directors states “Head football coaches at the 44 NCAA Bowl Championship Series schools received on average $2.1 million in salaries. The highest paid public employee in 40 of the 50 U.S. states is the state university's head football or basketball coach. At the University of Alabama, the head football coach, Nick Saban, recently signed a contract paying him $7 million per year -- more than 160 times the average wage of a Tuscaloosa public school teacher.” The amount of pay and benefits that the coaches and universities receive because of the players is so substantial and just plain unfair. The players put the coaches on the radar and make great amounts of endorsement deals while the players themselves still struggle to get through college with hardly any money to spend. People say that college is a lot of work; just imagine having to commit time to a sport in college as well. College athletes should be rewarded for all the overtime they have to do to make up school work. College athletes have to spend a crazy amount of time being committed to a sport. They have to do team workouts, practice for so many hours per day, and then there are still games on top of all the hours put in. College athletes spend from thirty to forty hours per week on just sports alone. Even when the sport that the athlete

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