College Athletes Should Be Paid Or Is A Scholarship Enough?

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Do college athletes deserve to be paid or is a scholarship enough?? This debate has been going on for decades. Many schools and athletes have been severely punished by this. For example, Reggie Bush took money from his agent so he could buy his mom a house. He was very poor growing up so he took opportunities when they arose. This cost him his Heisman trophy and every single win he had ever had in college football. USC lost scholarship availability and they lost the credit they deserved in winning all 13 games in the regular season. All this over taking money as he was about to turn pro. One of the most sweltering level headed discussions in the games world is regardless of whether school competitors ought to get a cut of the income…show more content…
The cash they would be utilizing would be leaving the college 's general supports, which means taking money from grants, classroom supplies and this would also lower the pay rate for teachers. Competitors as of now have their educational costs paid for, also their food and housing. Most of their lives is paid for by the school but they do have a 3,000-5,000 dollar few at the end of every year that they owe the school. This implies those athletic divisions utilized the surplus cash earned by football and men 's basketball very wisely in order to keep a profit for the year. If athletes were to be paid how much would sports such as women’s water polo be paid or would this start controversy if they were not paid.
It is about unimaginable for them to acquire enough cash all alone, so they would confront the result of having their program cut inside and out. On the off chance that a specific game is not creating income, colleges have to turn to other aspects to try and search for the money to pay the athletes. The finished result would be a reduction in the quantity of games offered by schools and in this manner a diminishing in the quantity of chances accessible for understudy competitors. Of course, the hotshot football and men 's basketball players want to earn money from the schools those two sports are the only two at the school that makes money. The thought that school competitors should be paid is a silly one
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