College Athletes Should Get Paid

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College athletes should get paid Imagine working day in and day out every day to meet academic standards and trying to keep your level of play competitive up. That’s what college athletes go through every day. College athletes have gained immense popularity over the past few decades. The NCAA took advantage of this and made billions of dollars off college athletics According to USA Today, the NCAA last season the NCAA made over $845 Billion dollars in revenue from games, merchandise sales, television contracts, and ticket. At the end of the year, the NCAA counts its revenue and pay coaches and executives millions of dollars. The athletes don’t get a penny. This is truly unfair while these athletes work their butt off and give their…show more content…
This doesn 't make any sense calling them amateurs because the NCAA does not see its players as professional athletes simply because they are in college. However for some odd reason, the coaches are paid rather professionally. According to Zimbalist “the average salary for a major college head coach is upwards of $1.5 million to $5 million” (Zimbalist 43). For example, Alabama Football coach Nick Saban makes about $5,545,852 a year, making him the highest paid coach in college football. So why should a coach be getting paid more than any other tenured professor at a university, if it indeed is not a professional sport?

Labeling college athletes as amateurs creates another problem in addition to not being paid by the University: athletes can’t promote themselves. The NCAA state 's “student-athletes shall be amateurs" and "should be protected from exploitation by professional and commercial enterprises”. However, with this statement, it seems that colleges and universities “are the entity that exploits” them. In the early 2000s, the NCAA approved student athlete’s employment due the rise of college tuition that paid up $2000 a school year. However, not only does $2,000 barely cover educational costs, especially if not on scholarship, but the NCAA is not allowing student athletes to promote themselves. Also, with all the time practicing and working in the classroom, not many college athletes have

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