College Athletes Should Not Be Banned

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Every year NCAA brings in approximately $6 billion from highly anticipated sports events, such as this month’s NCAA tournament “March Madness”, for example.1 While brackets will be broken, nets will be slashed, and the championship team will be crowned, ultimately the real winner from college events like these is the NCAA itself. While the relentless student-athletes train rigorously day and night to represent their schools, the athletes who participate do not see a single penny, even though they are the ones who “…risk career-ending injuries every time they onto the court, field, or rink.” The NCAA forces all ‘amateur’ college athletes to sign a contract, forbidding monetary compensation for their efforts and restricting them from any sponsorship deals with payouts. This has posed a dilemma since the early 1900s, because some of the best collegiate athletes have been dirt poor, while the NCAA program has continued to make millions off of the names of athletes who cannot afford to feed their own families. As a solution, all NCAA athletes deserve to be paid. In the event that there were only one reason that college athletes ought to be paid, it is that both the NCAA and the college itself utilizes players’ name and status for its own financial benefit. Whether it is selling players jerseys or signing autographs, the NCAA is successfully profiting off of the player whose number is on the shirt, without giving any cut to the player himself. An eleven billion dollar industry
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