College Athletes Should Not Be Paid?. Athletes Believe

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College athletes should not be paid? Athletes believe that just because they have played in a sport, they should be treated like royalty Every year, multiple colleges give out scholarships to college athletes in high school and in college. Before signing an athlete from a university, they should look more into their GPA and not their performance in a sport. It is not fair to pay college athletes, especially if they are the most valuable player on the team. Paying a college athlete would just make them lazy and not attend class. They should not be paid because of the scholarships, education, and NCAA benefits. College students have always been signed to play at a university for four years based on the sport that they play. Many college…show more content…
Another reason why you shouldn’t pay college athletes, the scholarship doesn’t even last forever. Once they have graduated it goes away unless they are going into a professional career as in the NBA, NFL, MLB, etc. In 1946, the NBA refused to sign any player until their college class has graduated. In general college athletes do not get paid based on the information that the NCAA and NBA information (Barbash,13-15). An athlete is not being paid, the NBA doesn’t want to sign an athlete that doesn’t have a degree (Barbash,13-15). Education is more important than playing a sport. If an athlete decides to quit in their professional career than wouldn’t have a job. The NBA wants to make sure that before they sign a player because they would be losing money by paying an athlete with no degree after retirement. College athletes are just like most average college students. Although they might have practice twice a week and they must attend school. It isn’t right for the rest of us. The scholarship might cover a full ride, but it doesn’t benefit anything for them. Paying a college athlete is unnecessary. The NCAA also discussed that the scholarship doesn’t last that long unless they are going into a professional career. Being an athlete can also be stressful and most colleges don’t even give make up tests so they are most likely going to fail the class. Before an athlete is signed they should
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