College Athletes Should Not Be Paid Essay

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Blood, sweat, and tears college athletes shed day in and day out on the field, court, and track without any compensation for their hard work; even with the fact that college sports brings in a lot of revenue for universities. Also these athletes are not only athletes but students meaning they have to keep a certain grade point average to play. 1 College athletes deserve to be paid since they bring in the most money for universities, their hard work and having to balance being a student-athlete. Close Panel Its no secret that college sports brings in the big bucks, and without the athletes preforming day in or day out universities would lack the funds to support a school needs. The college sports industry makes 11 billion in annual revenues (Mitchell, Horace, U.S. News Digital Weekly). 11 billion dollars made off of college sports alone is enough its self to pay these student-athletes for their contribution to a school’s success because without them there wouldn’t be this much income. They need these athletes and the NCAA should quit exploiting them for their talents and compensate them. Student-athletes are amateurs who choose to participate in intercollegiate athletics (Mitchell, Horace, U.S. News Digital Weekly). Indeed, they are amateur but in sports the word professional has a different meaning since in all sports there is a 1-2-year stint before an athlete can go from the college level to a professional standpoint. Meaning it only takes a year or two
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