College Athletes Should Not Be Paid

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Joe Posnanski, a sports journalist and former columnist for Sports Illustrated, weighed in on the controversial issue of college athletes receiving money as a service of their play. “College Athletes Should Not Be Paid” published 2011 from the Norton Sampler starts off by introducing one of his main arguments that “College athletics are not about the players” (Posnanski 585) but instead are about the alumni and the colleges themselves that people support. If player on a team left and made their own team would that colleges alumni now support their semi-pro team, no chance. College Supporters love the youthful feeling and the how close they feel too it. He shows how big time college athletes do get paid in tuition, room and board, food,…show more content…
By the end of the day “college football isn’t popular because the stars but instead because of the first word” (Posnanski 590). After reading College Athletes Should Not Be Paid, I agree with Posnanski’s viewpoint in that college athletes should not be given a stipend on top of what they already receive. Main reasons would be what they already get, the consequences, and better ways to distribute money. College Athletics, especially basketball and football, have been extremely successful in the way it makes money for NCAA either through merchandise, tickets, or their bowl system. Also it has grown to such a national stage with the dedication of fans and passionate Alumni who would go to the ends of the earth to show their colleagues who went to a better school. Posnanski puts a nice spin on showing why athletes don’t deserve money with what they already receive by asking readers rhetorical questions and through sympathizing to their situation. The common argument for why athletes should get paid is that they don’t get compensated for what they make for the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association). Although those in support to this claim most likely are overlooking the fact that many of the athletes are receiving either full ride

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