College Athletes Should Not Be Paid

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There has been on ongoing discussion between college athletes and the NCAA on whether they should be compensated for the work they do for their selective school. Student athletes deserve to be paid to invest in their needs, and the schools have the money to do so. College Athletes have made the case that they are no longer student athletes, but are on the clock workers. The NCAA accumulates around 11 billion dollars in revenue a year, more money than the NFL, NBA, and MLB. Many writers such as Joe Nocera, a sports business columnist for the New York Times, talks about how “The NCAA and college sports establishment exploit the players who generate the billions that the grown-ups pocket.” College Athletics’ is the school’s number one money…show more content…
Andy Schwarz, an economist, states how that rule is not in place, “Alabama spent $43 on men’s sports and $13 million on women’s sports, and they weren’t in violation of Title IX because all Title IX says...however many men you have playing sports, the money they get has to be proportional to the ratio.” With the savings of money you see the competition to hiring coaches instead of going out and competing to hire players. So the schools have the money to go out and pay the players they want but the NCAA prohibits that. “In the current system, players can’t be lured with pay, so a school comes up with secondary means of payment: a nice locker room, a waterfall in my hydrotherapy room, a promise of winning, and a greater chance of playing pro.”(Zirin 4). The problem is after the playing days are over they can no longer use that equipment, and the chances they go pro are very slim. “The BCS new deal with ESPN was based, in part, on paying more money to schools/conferences...of the $174 million distributed from five bowls games” (Wilbon). No possible way school could go bankrupt or lose other sports with that kind of money disrupted, plus the all extra money schools are shoveling in. School could not lose other sports as long as there is an interest in them, they will keep them. “The best football players and basketball players in the Big Ten have produced to the degree that a television network has become the model of every conference in
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