College Athletes Should Not Be Paid

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In the United States, college athletics have been immensely popular since the early 1900’s. Ever since then, the three major sports -- football, basketball, and hockey-- have brought in major cash and popularity for colleges around the US. The revenue college sports bring in today is mind boggling. For example, in 2011 the Houston Sentinel found that the University of Texas’ Athletic Program was bringing in $120,288,370. The Longhorns were the the most profitable team in college sports that year; however, the numbers still speak for themselves. The problem I have with Texas making millions and millions is that not a single . According to NCAA rules, “You are not eligible for participation in a sport if you have ever: Taken pay, or the promise of pay,dime outside of scholarship goes back to the players who are making them this money. Whether Texas would be willing to compensate their players is not the main issue however. The problem is with the NCAA and there rules about having to be an ameteur to compete. Because of such harsh rules, athletes are struggling to pay rent and afford to eat, leading to them ultimately cheating and breaking such rules. I believe these rules also hurt the college. With no pay, a lot of the best athletes are extremely to make their fortune in the professional leagues after just one year of college, not getting degrees and lowering the level of the college game. While some argue that college athletes should not be paid because they are only

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