College Athletes Should Not Be Paid Essay

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Are College Athletes Employees? Although most college sports require an intense commitment, college athletes should never receive the title of “employee.” However, many people disagree with this statement, causing a debate about whether or not college athletes should be classified as employees. The issue climaxed when football players from Northwestern College wanted to form a labor union. They believed that college athletes should be treated better in various ways, whether they are considered employees or not (Patterson). While changes are warranted in regards to the organization of college athletics, they are not currently deemed employees. The first reason college athletes should not be considered employees is because they do not receive salaries. All employees are paid at least minimum wage and are paid semi-monthly or bi-weekly (Averkamp). College athletes, however, can only receive scholarships which differ greatly from salaries. Employees also obtain benefits, such as compensation, time off work to perform military service, health plans, retirement plans, paid vacation time, and more (Meier). Although some college athletes receive certain benefits, most of them do not and the benefits given do not compare to those of employees. Every high school student planning on going to college hopes for a scholarship. However, it is not guaranteed that anyone will receive a scholarship, including athletes. In fact, Division III athletes never receive athletic scholarships and

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