College Athletes Should Receive A Paycheck

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The National Collegiate Athletic Association is a “membership-driven organization dedicated to safeguarding the well-being of student-athletes and equipping them with the skills to succeed on the playing field, in the classroom and throughout life” ( In the past few years, there has been a lot of controversy over whether or not college athletes should receive a paycheck to play their sports. College athletes should receive a paycheck because the scholarships that are offered to them just do not cover the entire cost of their education. Also there are many individuals such as the National Collegiate Athletic Association administrators, schools, and coaches who receive a decent paycheck, so why not pay athletes too; also athletes bring revenue to the institution.
A student playing a college sport receives scholarships and grants but those assistances are not enough, for a student to pay for their education. According to Hartnet “A full Division 1 scholarship is about $25,000 per year” (1). A state university on “average cost about $23,000 dollars to attend for one year” (, most of the time this cost doesn’t include books or any hidden extra fees that a college or university might have. Also most college athletes only last one to two years with an athletic scholarship, because they usually transfer to a different institution when they can no longer receive the scholarship (Hartnet 1). An average athletic scholarship will not cover the cost of a…
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