College Athletes: Should They Be Paid

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Jelani Richards
Mrs. Mindy Verderami
Senior Health 3A
20 May 2016
College Athletes: Should They Be Paid
Student athletes have two jobs to do when they are in college, one is to be an overall great student in the classroom, by maintaining a good grade point average, studying hard for any upcoming exams and pay close attention during class. Their other job is being a phenomenal player in the sport that they play. To do this you need to, work hard and attend every practice, study your playbook or any type of strategy, and to compete at the highest level. This is a lot to handle for a college student. There are over 460,000 student athletes in all of the divisions in the NCAA today. With this large number of student athletes it seems
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That is the main objective and focus of college. But, it is not a place for athletes to get paid to play sports, that’s why their professional levels. College athletes don’t have to pay to go to some of the top academic universities in the country and they also obtain other benefits that they don’t have to pay for. Division I and II athletes are given scholarships to go to college which estimate to be about $10,000-$20,000 per year (“Top 10 Reasons” 1). Billions are given to student athletes every year, and occasionally the average athletic scholarship at a school can be more expensive than the school’s overall tuition. For example, Ohio State University , is one of the biggest and most popular college football programs in the country. CollegeData states the average in-state tuition at the university is just over $10,000 a year, yet the average athletic scholarship is $17,856 for male athletes (2). This shows that athletes should not be getting paid because the scholarships that they receive already pay for their education. Also, paying college athletes would not making any sense since the athletes are already getting a free education and they don’t have to worry about paying student loans, paying for textbooks, the cost of on-campus living, and meal plans and other expenses which already puts them above your average student. Student athletes are some of hardest working people in the world but they don’t deserve to be paid since they already get to go to college for free and their education is are already paid for.
Paying college athletes would change the whole dynamic of college sports. The reason why Athletes play sports in college is simply for the love of the game, and the slight chance of making it to the professional level. If the players start to get paid, it would ruin college

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