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College Athletic Compliance Webpage Comparison The main page that CSI has and Baruch does not have is a page regarding Title IX. CSI’s Compliance Forms & Handbooks page has more forms for the coaches and students than the one for Baruch. In total Baruch has 5 forms while CSI has approximately 13. Columbia was able to add a glossary for their compliance page. Moreover, they added information about NCAA banned substances, ethical conduct and the receipt of extra benefits. College of Staten Island - Consists of multiple pages explaining compliance requirement. p.1 Compliance - Academic Requirements The page talks about the academic requirements for first year students and returning students. For instance, “To be an eligible to participate in athletics as an incoming freshman you have to be admitted into one of our baccalaureate programs, pass (or be exempt from) all three assessment tests and be registered for full-time load of credits (12 or more).” Baruch College Compliance- Consists of multiple pages explaining compliance requirement. The page starts with an introduction about how Baruch is part of the NCAA Division III and how it strictly follows the rules. It then briefly states the process and requirements a student needs to meet if he or she wishes to play on a Baruch athletic team. Ex. The student must fill out a NCAA eligibility form. The student must be a full-time student and have a 2.0 cumulative gpa. It also talks about the amount of eligible years

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