College Athletics And Education : College Athletes

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College Athletics and Education How are college athletes able to make time for classes during college? In this day and age, college athletics take up a huge amount of time for college athletes. They have to devote lots of time to practice and games. After awhile, all that time can really add up. How are they able to attend classes without hurting their athletic schedules? College athletic programs do not play a valuable role in higher education because most student-athletes don 't attend college for an education, college athletics are too commercialized, the athletes have to devote too much time to practice and games, and the grade-point average for student-athletes have been decreasing over the years. College sports have been the heart and soul of America for quite some time. But, what lies underneath this extravagant organization? Are they able to get a good education while playing sports? Well, college athletes have to travel a lot. For example, the Indiana Hoosiers basketball team recently went to Hawaii for the Maui Invitational. Although they didn 't do the best, they still had to miss several days of class because the tournament was held during the week. Were they able to make up the missed class time? Unfortunately we won 't be able to find out, but according to CNN, most of the student athletes that go to college aren 't there for an education...they are there for the sport. In an interview, Rashad McCants—a former North Carolina basketball player— told CNN 's…
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