College Athletics Is A Major Part Of People'S Lives Around

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College athletics is a major part of people 's lives around the world. From the athletes playing the various sports to the fans watching from their televisions it has become a huge thing. A portion of these people seem to think that the athletes deserve more then what is already given to them. A question has been brought up and debated on whether or not these athletes should be paid to play. College athletes are hard working young adults trying to earn a degree at whichever school they have chosen. They are nothing but the most talented players and deserve to be respected and taken care of by their schools but to an extent. Although a college education is very expensive, these athletes do not need to be sidetracked by the dollar signs,…show more content…
Another reason why these athletes do not need to be paid is because college athletes are, in my opinion, some of the best sports stars there are. The games that they play are always high paced and the players always give 110 percent of effort. What makes these games so interesting is that the players are trying their absolute hardest during every game so they might get the chance to be looked at by a professional level. College sports is just one step beneath the professional level and the serious athletes are reaching for this level so it can be their profession. If the college athletes are getting paid to play, then whatever sport they are doing will become their profession and they will no longer strive to be part of a professional team since they are already on one. Professional teams would not be so elite and would not be as sought after if you could make good money at the college level. Paying these athletes at the college level might wipe out professional sports all together. College athletes should not be paid to play their sport because the money aspect of it. Horace Mitchell debated with another author in an article and said “they are students receiving access to a college education through their participation in sports, for which they earn scholarships to pay tuition, fees, room and board, and other allowable expenses.” If college athletes were being paid and college sports turned into all about money than any scholarship given
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