College Athletics : The Top Of Everyone 's Interest

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Ryan Apicello
Professor Dean Ulseheimer
English 1110&1111
22 November 2014

College athletics have always been popular across the United States. In recent years it seems to have escalated tenfold. Football and basketball being at the top of everyone’s interest. Collegiate sports have brought in a large sum of revenue to their Universities, in addition to increasing the overall popularity of the college. For example, in an article from Forbes website, “that the University of Alabama’s Athletic Program had the highest revenue of any other University in 2014 at $81,993,762” (Jessop). Even though the college made a large sum of money, no college athletes were legally rewarded for their work. According to NCAA rules you must obey their rules by staying an amateur, which means you may not have: “Salary for participating in athletics” “Prize money above actual and necessary expenses.”(NCAA) Because of this law college athletes who do not have full ride scholarships have difficulty paying off their college tuition. Also many athletes and universities are ignoring this law and are being paid under the table through sketchy agents and athletic boosters. These amateur athletes have no incentive to stay in college and finish their degrees, as many cannot afford to pay for the increasingly expensive college experience. While many argue that college athletes shouldn’t be paid as they are just amateurs representing their schools, I argue that athletes must be paid to save college…

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