College Attendance Decline

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There are people in our society that are well-known due to their successions within the working industry. Such people may include Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and Lady Gaga. They have all flourished without having or having minimum experiences within the college realm. In the article, “Why the decline in college attendance is good news”, Max Ehrenfreund suggests that the decline in college attendance is encouraging for our society due to the idea that those who are not in attendance are actively a part of the working class or are trying to find a job. However, he fails to consider other probable aspects to why people may or may not be attending college, along with the numbering salary that are paid to those who attended college versus those who have not or do not attend. Thus, although college attendance may not be for everyone, there are probable reasons in…show more content…
He suggests that the decline in college attendees coincides with the economy’s increasing availability on job opportunities. Ehrenfreund includes statistics concerning the comparable percentage of the declining rates of college attendance between 2011 and 2015. One of which states the following, “According to the clearinghouse data released last week, just 7 million Americans over 24 are enrolled in colleges this spring – a decrease of 11 percent from the apex in 2011”. However, his data collection only concerns the population of those older than 24 years of age. What about the percentage rate of those that have graduated from high school up until 23 years of age? Ehrenfreund presumes, “Many Americans have found that education isn’t necessary to get ahead.” He briefs on the notion that employers are no longer looking for an extensive résumé on educational background. Additionally, he coins the idea that people are only enrolled in college due to the element of not being able to find a
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